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On February 19th 1999, W3-Triposto made it’s first appearance at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. The W3-Triposto, representing years of development and refinement, is the third exotic concept sports car prototype built by Montreal’s Wingho Auto. It is a stylistic tribute to the spirit of the 1958 718RSK on Porsche’s fiftieth anniversary and uses the chassis and drivetrain of the Porsche 911. Extensive frame modification resulted in the removal and replacement of at least 50% of the original chassis. This resulted in a lowered center of gravity, significant weight reduction and an increase in rigidity. This fully functional prototype boasts several innovations in styling, ergonomics, aerodynamics and engineering, making it an exciting trendsetting prototype for the new millennium.

The Team

This experimental project, executed with focus and passion, was brought to fruition by Wingho Auto, the same company responsible for the Spexter and the 928 Spyder introduced in 1988 and 1993 respectively. The design of the W3-Triposto is the work of Canadian industrial designer, Stephen Lee. The composite material body was fabricated by Francis Cardolle of Carosserie CF. Hugues Thériault carried out the assembly. Present models of the W3 Triposto were assembled and engineered by Stepan Mouradian at our Atelier in St-Mathieu de Beloeil. Wingho Auto is indebted to the many individuals who have contributed their professional talent and skill toward the success of these projects. Their help is gratefully acknowledged.

The Future

It has taken over three years to bring the W3-Triposto project from initial concept to realization, yet it remains as fresh and dynamic as it was first conceived to be. This integral fusion of art and technology in this dream machine could very well spark a new automotive design trend which will lead into the next millennium. Public reaction will be the best judge on the merit of this endeavor. “People who dream impossible dreams and strive to achieve them raise humankind’s stature irrespective of the outcome…” asserts Dr. Clyde Kwok, president of Wingho Auto and engineer behind the W3-Triposto project.