W3 Triposto

Ergonomics, Safety, and Performance

The cockpit was designed to be part of the monocoque structure, adding more rigidity to the car. However, a specially formulated, textured, matte finish by ICI Autocolor adds warmth to the well-integrated ergonomically designed interior. The snug, enveloping forms were designed to make the driver feel at one with the vehicle, cradled in a cocoon-like fashion within a strong structure.
A strong roll bar is integrated into the central air intake giving the driver and passengers added protection. The driver is held by a five-point retractable seat belt into a centrally located molded seat, cushioned by strategically placed, customized padding. Minimalist racing style instrumentation incorporated into the cockpit dashboard provides an analogue tachometer and a Formula I type LCD screen. The LCD screen offers multimodal display for supplementary systems analysis and diagnostics, such as those found on airplanes and high speed trains. This provides the driver with the maximum amount of information needed with minimal distraction.

All controls are within fingertip reach. Adjustable pedals permit the seats to remain stationary while optimizing the driver’s position. The short throw five-speed manual transmission is integrated into the driver’s seat, its proximity to the driver emulating that of a Formula I car. Provision is made for Tiptronic transmission controls on the steering wheel. A helmet mounted, heads-up, see-through display linked to a rear mounted camera is a project currently under development.

Unlike other vehicles of this configuration, the butterfly doors are designed to be easily closed by the centrally seated driver. Two cushioned passenger bucket seats, provided with retractable three-point seat belts, are located slightly aft of the driver and are also sculptured as an integral part of the body to provide maximum structural rigidity. The efficient configuration of the three seats provides maximum comfort for driver and passengers, while allowing a full range of arm movement by the driver.

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Wingho auto racing
Wingoho auto racing division strives for excellence in styling and performance. We develop our clients maximum potential in driving and in racing. We try to offer the complete driving/racing experience. We participate in various p.c.a. club racing, historic sports car and vintage racing events across canada and in the united states.

We race at many world famous racing tracks such as watkins glen, l1merock park, le circuit mt.tremblant, and mosport,just to name a few. Our motto is simple, “you can’t win a race unless you finish” and, the whole idea is to build racecars with good reliability and safety. Whether it is a corporate VIP drivers education event to a full fledge race, we offer our clients complete track support and car preparation.

The wingho racing team, participated in many vintage racing events with its 1964 Porsche 356c. This amazing 428, we call it “the yellow machine” had won 3 races throughout the year as well as set the track record for the small bore class (1600cc)at the legends vintage race at mt tremblant.

We also raced a 928 Spyder bodied race car using virtually standard 928 parts but with a reinforced chassis and lightened fiberglass body.(approx.500 lbs lighter). Spyder’s have raced many successful events throughout north america. (watkins glen, summit point,mid ohio, mosport, mt tremblant ,calaboogie…)

This season, we are racing with the w3 triposto-cayman race144 #333 at; th hmsa mt. Tremblant race, mosport and calaboog1e track evelts, and the fa classic, in Mt Tremblant,just to name a few, the final schedule will be posted shortly.

Come and join us and share the passion

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